So about 4 weeks ago, I got the bright idea to try and sell some of the extraneous domains that I have purchased over the last 3-4 months but haven't had time to develop (or time to pay someone to write and post the content either).

One in particular was an exact domain name match for a search term that gets 18k hits globally using the "exact" option on the adwords tool with an average cpc of .74. Listed for $100 USD with no takers...competition was moderate for the term (ie there, but not too hard).

So, I put up content on a whim (10 articles I wrote) on one of the 4 with just social bookmarking and in context link building from another niche related site I have that is developed (PR 2) with no other article marketing...has made more than $150 USD through Adsense only in the 4 weeks it has been live and increasing each day....I'm glad I didn't sell it now.

This is a one-off from my experience so far, but was wondering if anyone had sold a domain name too quickly and seen it grow to something much larger?

Needless to say, my personal lesson learned is that I won't sell any domain that's a keyword or phrase match now unless I've given a basic 5-20 article worth of content build shot at first.

Thanks to Will, Shenron, and company who have provided the education I lacked on exact match domains which I was clueless on before being a NB member. Domaining is an addition though, and I have banned myself from GoDaddy and Namecheap until my web income reaches the next goal