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Thread: Ebay Bidding on Domains

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    Ebay Bidding on Domains

    Okay, I rarely go to ebay for domains.

    How about you guys?
    Do you go to ebay for domains?
    If so, any problems?
    Got good buys there?

    I ask because I actually went there and bid on two different domains.
    As I post this, I am high bidding on both.
    And now only 3 hours to end.

    Have to reevaluate and see if I should go higher if I am outbid.
    Right now, only one bidder besides me.

    Added in.......
    Geesh, just as the ticker hit 1 second on one domain?
    Someone beat me!
    It was the domain I wanted most of the two.

    The other domain?
    I won it.

    Once I pay and get it into my godaddy account, will put it up for sale for mega bucks on another forum.
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    I have picked up a couple of good domains on eBay, but you have to weed through thousands to find the gems.

    It's a dumping ground for crappy domains, with lots of misleading information in the auction descriptions with some sellers.
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    so what's the best location for making a profit on one you want to sell? [Or i that a state secret?]
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    It depends on the domain really.
    Damn good one, put on sedo.

    Just for a quick sale, DP.

    For a little more money that DP, go to namepros or dnf.

    Yeah, I looked at domains for sale on ebay and my thoughts are, 99.9% are crap or way overpriced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robjones View Post
    so what's the best location for making a profit on one you want to sell? [Or i that a state secret?]
    Personally, most domains I've sold were because of writing directly to endusers. I've had a few this year but last couple of months were pretty dead.

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