Exclusive sneak peek of DomainAdvertising.com: For serious advertisers and publishers...

The highly anticipated unveiling and launch of DirectI's newest business, DomainAdvertising.com will be happening at the Targeted Traffic conference in NYC in just a couple of weeks... This brand new "advertiser aligned domain monetization program for publishers" looks very cool and definitely something you should get excited about. The service offering here is quite unique and very promising.. Advertisers will have the options of directly buying domain traffic, leasing domains, advanced audience targeting and competitive elimination, etc.

DomainAdvertising.com is currently backed by two leading investors including the London based Ashmore Group (Ashmore Investment - Dedicated to Emerging Markets - Ashmore) and the Directi Group (Directi.com). Ashmore is one of the world's leading investment managers that currently manages close to $25 billion in pooled funds, segregated accounts and structured products. Directi is a group of internet businesses, that develops innovative mass-market web products for global customers. Directi's popular business units include Skenzo and LogicBoxes.

Probably the biggest thing that will get domainers super excited about this new service is the weekly payout's... Sweet right? DomainAdvertising.com is serious about paying it's publishers as often as possible... So, every wednesday, half-way through the work week.. They will open the cash registers and make payout's to domain publishers / partners.

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