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Thread: Free domain names

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    Smile Free domain names

    I want to make a little site that is not worthy of a real domain name.
    Still I want to make the best of it so would like something more professional looking domain name.
    What domain names do you know for free that I could use?

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    I don't know where to get free names, however sometimes you can register a .com for $1 at godaddy.

    Do you have a name in mind that you created yourself or do you want to use an already registered, or dropped domain?

  3. you're domain at least must have a keyword of what you might just want to put as contents to that site.
    you could look for godaddy codes to get domains in a low price.

  4. You can get a free subdomain at CO.CC.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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  5. #5 also has plenty of free subdomains available.

  6. #6 - Free Domain Registration + Free DNS Service. is another great subdomain outlet.

    There is also an upcoming free top-level domain name extension, due to be released in the first quarter of 2012. Check out .FREE - new free generic top-level domain [gTLD].

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    I know two ways to get free domain name :
    1. To register .tk,,,
    2. To get free gTLD from hosting provider with it's package
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  8. There really isn't such a thing as a free domain name. All domain names must be registered by someone, and there is a cost, which varies, it typically starts at about $8 per domain. Then, of course, you'll need web hosting. If you put some effort into the site and create some unique content on it, you should be able to reasonably make your money back, making the domain name "free".

    There are domains out there that you can register that have traffic--and even if you just "park" them (do nothing with them), they'll make you money. You can do some research over at sites like Expired Domains, Domain Reselling, Established Domain Names for Sale | (they have a free trial).
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    There are some TLD's that are a bit expensive compared to a .com, .net, etc.

    But true, you can pick up, at today's prices, a .com, .net, and a few more tld's at less than $10 a year.
    With the occasional sales by registrars, close to one buck!

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