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Thread: Free .edu.xx domains

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    Free .edu.xx domains

    I believe this would be the forum to place this one.

    I have been seeing sellers pushing ebooks and reports on how to get free .edu.xx domains.
    Just got off another forum where someone wants $20 for this!

    Remember, it is NOT .edu domains, but .edu.xx domains, where the .xx is a country extension.

    Well, I have known this for some time, and am sure most domainers know the same thing.
    Where to get these .edu.xx domains for free.

    So I tell everyone, don't waste your money on this, but go straight to the source: - free edu domain

    This is for those who want a domain like ""

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    Yes, this is true. You can create a free site. Does anyone know if such a site is considered a "real" edu site by Google? That is, do you think Google gives such sites any weight as far as such sites supplying backlinks to other sites?

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    I doubt that google would ever find one of these free sites a real .edu simply because:
    1. free site
    2. not an .edu extension

    As far as backlinks, probably depends on the site created and how it is seo'd, etc.

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