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Thread: Funny hack idea with .vg extension!

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    Funny hack idea with .vg extension!

    so here i was reading an article about .vg domains a couple weeks ago. as i focused on the extension...a funny idea hit me and in less time than i realized, i regged...


    i have never really been fond of domain hacking...never bought or bid on a "hack" domain either.

    as .mu being marketed for music sites (the most popular being one of my favorite bands .vg is being heavily promoted for sites on Video Games.

    oddly enough, i am not into video games either.

    any other hack ideas with this extension?


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    Im not fond of them for two reasons, one they are normal more money to purchase, and unless you have a great one, its kinda forgetable. Some people would be thinking is that a website or just some random word you added on the end.
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