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Thread: The future of domains?

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    The future of domains?

    Hey guys.

    I started a thread in the blogging section about the future of blogging, and my latest reply in there got me thinking... what's in store for the future of domains?

    I mean, at the moment it's not too bad, but surely in the next few years ALL the good .com domains will have gone and'll be being sold for prices that no one can really warrant spending.

    So, what will happen?

    Will there be new extensions (I know there was some talk of a .web extension being brought out), but will it work? Or is the public too hung up about .com domains?

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    yes it will be next extension available. And also, .com will become not too popular. Or maybe if there is no new extention, there will be a people who suggest to reset all domain, but of course there will be big controversy about it.

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    By reset all domains, do you mean make every single domain so it's unregistered?! Damn, that would cause so much upset it'd be unreal, especially with the domainers who have hundreds of domains. Still, I guess the registrars would love it

    And, do you know what the new extension would be? I did hear rumours of a .web a while back, but I haven't been able to find anything that says it's definately going to happen.

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    new extension would be anything such *.fab *.var or anything, because extenstion become not too important for people right now. Even com which purposed for commercial is used for other reason.

    Anyway, i think in the future, there will be *.blog extension

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    .blog would be awful in my opinion. Most sites are based on a blogging platform now anyway, so it seems a bit pointless to make an extension for it.

    I thought a .xxx would be good. That way all the adult film sites could have a .xxx extension, so it'd be easier for parents etc to monitor their child's internet behaviour.

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    And don't forget about the price of future domain. I think *.com will become same with *.info. *.info is expensive when it start to launch, it's about $10 (same with *.com), but now it's sell in cheap prize. *.com will become cheap, and there is already a sign, just search over the internet, *.com coupon is so many and there is also a *.com package nowadays. Even godaddy sell 6 *.com for $6

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    Personally, I can't see the prices of '.com' domains going down. The domains are running out, so to then lower the price would be madness. Companies such as Godaddy and Name would then also be losing out on a lot of money via the renewal fees. Dropping the price of the '.com' would be one of the biggest mistakes in domaining history, as it's the biggest domain, and therefore dropping the price of it would leave the domain economy in real trouble.

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    People will have to move on and accept new registrations.
    Steven here, my friends.
    Believe in God.

  9. I never really thought about the future of domains. It is a really interesting subject now that you think about it. It is becoming harder and harder to make money off of domains. I remember people telling me they made over $1000 just on selling their domains.

    Do you guys think domains are still going to be sold at the same rate?

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    I have done a lot of research on this, got some contacts in Telnic and ICANN with whom I have had interesting conversations on this topic. This is what I gather could be the most probable situation in the domaining world.

    1) In the next few years, Domain flipping will decline into oblivion and no longer considered as one of the mainstream online money generating system.

    2) Launch of new Generic TLDs will have very little impact on the domination of .com, probably because of:
    a) The initial price
    b) The non-acceptance of other TLDs over .com by the general audience

    3) We will slowly see opening of more and more ccTLDs for public registrations and a possibility of popular ccTLDs, such as, .me, being taken back by the respective countries, such as the situation with .co (Colombia) country level extensions.

    4) A guy from ICANN even suggested that a rival company to theirs could come up in the next 10 years or so to start promoting the so called "unethical" domain extensions, such as, .warez, .****, .torrent, .p2p, etc. Though the current setup does not allow a rival global Domain Management Company to be formed, things could change, since ICANN has been seen more and more as a US Government entity and not a global company. China can play a huge part in setting up a rival to ICANN.

    Please note that these are just pure assumptions, and in no way there is even a tinge of official taste to it. But these very well, could be possibilities.

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