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Thread: Get Free domain .asia

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    Get Free domain .asia

    Greetings all, I hope not repost my first thread, I just want to info only, that there are sites that are for domain. Asia for free 1 year, simply okay if your interest in the domain, please visit www* then sign up you want and register.Done

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    I would never go with a deal like this unless I'm absolutely interested in this domain and is ready to have this name for 5 or more years.
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    And what is the renewal price?)

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    This title is misleading, and is sort of like advertising. Not to mention you have three post's? You have to pay for the .asia domain for $1.00 because it's currently on sale. There used to be a method where you could grab a free .com domain for 1 year. But, unfortunately the exploit was patched. When you go to sign up for the free .com it gave you a credit card option. Inside that option you had to insert your details. How ever, if you signed up using entropay, and grabbed the details off your virtual credit card you could use that and not be charged a single dime. But, they patched the verification process :_)

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    Yes, the problem with renewal and transfer...

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