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Thread: Godaddy

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    What do people here think of Godaddy? I don't think their web hosting is great but I do buy domains from them.

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    My domains come from Dynadot. They're asking for trouble having just random women advertise for them. This isn't a beer commercial.

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    I prefer NameCheap, goDaddy has never floated my boat.

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    Well I can't use godaddy as I don't trust any site with my credit card. Namecheap is the only good cheap one that you can use un verified paypal to get domains.

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    Their web hosting is probably the worst. Their domain hosting is probably the 2nd best.

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    Godaddy is always the best and most trusted name in Domains, However people also prefer some others like Namecheap too, but Godaddy is still in lead!

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    They sound pretty good but they don't allow unverified paypal, so I can't use them.

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    [quote name='TayneC8' date='21 March 2010 - 06:00 PM' timestamp='1269194452' post='11955']

    They sound pretty good but they don't allow unverified paypal, so I can't use them.


    Well now I am bummed out >:

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    Well, after learning they don't use unverified Paypal I don't use Godaddy. I much prefer Namecheap now.

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    Namecheap is good

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