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Thread: Godaddy offering .NL

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    Godaddy offering .NL

    Godaddy is now offering .nl domains.

    Makes it a bit easier and cheaper for us Dutchies to go after those niches

  2. This is good to hear. I am happy to see the full-service international registrars supporting ccTLD's, because this makes it much easier to manage large domain portfolios.
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    $14.99/yr thats a decent price lets see if keyword domains are available

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    Has anyone registered any domains in this extension? Looks interesting, not sure if I have a need for such an extension at this time.

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    Seems many keyword domains are registered so yea many people have registered and it seems to be an old extension

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    The oldest .nl domain is and was registred in 1986. Most popular keyword domains are taken but there are still nice domains in the long tail available. There are also nice Dutch 1-2 keyword .coms available.

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