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Thread: Google search results and .info extension..

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    Google search results and .info extension..

    Is it true that .info gets unfair treatment when it comes to search results..i was thinking of buying some proxy domains with .info extension and pull in visitors thru SEO only..

  2. Could be, but there are numerous .info sites getting the number one spot in Google. Try to search for PR Checker in Google and you'll be prompted with a info site in the number one.

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    I feel there is push from g to .com's but it doesn't mean .info's are inferior but then they dont get that push, so u know who wins

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    I think its more about the users (webmasters) than anything else. Meaning most webmasters themselves prefer .coms over the others and almost everything you can think of has a .com after it, so they (some webmasters) view it as a type of closed group of sorts. Plus, and I'll probably get yelled at for saying this. I think that they tend to better maintained sites. Well more in the past, though more and more infos are becoming quality sites. Also as time passes you'll find more and more people building great sites with infos because they can't get a .com, net, org, etc... There's only so many to go around. IMO that's why you've seen this big push for brandable names.

    Now more directly to your topic. Infos and proxies, in the simplest terms they're made for each other. There cheap, more availability and the end user really doesn't care, as long as your proxy works. Honestly I think if your diligent with your SEO work you'll crank out some good traffic. Type free proxy in google and take a look at who's on the first page, for me only 4 out of 10 are .coms, you got a .ca, a .us our very own webevader is in 5th with a .org, etc...

    Do some solid SEO work and I'm sure you'll do just fine.

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    The domain extension has NOTHING to do with the way you'd rank in Google ( except in local rankings where a, or, for example, would be considered more relevant than a .com)

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    @rome9t9 you are going to make proxy and want to take traffic from SE so i think you want to run those proxy for long time, so better to buy a .com instead of .info if you want to manage for long time.

    becaz after one year you have need to pay normal price so there are only 6$ diffrence.
    buy a .com as a main proxy and also buy some .info for regular proxies.
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