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    .GS Domain Name Thread

    Recently i bought a very nice keyword domain under this extension and i want to hear your opinion about it.

    .GS is the internet country code top-level domain for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

    Official website:


    Why .GS is not so popular as .CC for example ? or .WS ? i doubt any of this two popular extensions is better than .GS.

    Best Price:

    At this moment the best price is $24.70 $ / year at Moniker.


    .GS can be used as shortening for "Global Solutions" for example.

    Other GS acronyms:

    GS - Girl Scout
    GS - Games Started (sports statistic)
    GS - Golden State
    GS - GuideStar
    GS - Ghostscript
    GS - Gamespot (video game website)
    GS - Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
    GS - Gedeputeerde Staten
    GS - Geological Survey
    GS - General Schedule
    GS - Graduate Student
    GS - Giant Slalom
    GS - Gas Station
    GS - Global Sources
    GS - Game Show
    GS - Gamestop (video game store)
    GS - Grand Slam (baseball)
    GS - Gold, Silver
    GS - Gold Standard
    GS - General Service
    GS - Gauss
    GS - General Support
    GS - German Shepherd
    GS - General Surgery
    GS - Grade School
    GS - Garden State
    GS - General Secretary (in colleges of India)
    GS - Gran Sport (Buick)
    GS - Gameshark
    GS - Good Samaritan
    GS - Gundam Seed (anime)
    GS - Gene Simmons (musician)
    GS - Geprüfte Sicherheit (German: Proved Safety law)
    GS - Game Site
    GS - Good Shepherd
    GS - Godsmack (band)
    GS - Ground Station
    GS - Good Shot (games)
    GS - Gaza Strip
    GS - General Staff
    GS - Global Studies (education)
    GS - Get Smart (1960s TV show)
    GS - Gleichstrom (German: Direct Current)
    GS - Glide Slope
    GS - Galvanized Steel
    GS - General Solution
    GS - Government Systems
    GS - Golden Sun (gaming)
    GS - Guidance System
    GS - Grass Seed
    GS - Ground Support
    GS - Gainesville Sun (Gainesville, FL newspaper)
    GS - General Synod
    GS - Group Separator (ASCII character 29)
    GS - General Science
    GS - Group Separator
    GS - George Strait (country music artist)
    GS - Gyroscope
    GS - General Specification
    GS - George School (Pennsylvania)
    GS - Glomerulosclerosis
    GS - Government Security
    GS - Graphics and Sound (Apple Computers)
    GS - Global Supplier
    GS - Ground Speed
    GS - Group Status (insurance)
    GS - Governor's School
    GS - Government Surplus
    GS - Gang Show (scout/guide)
    GS - Ground System
    GS - Generator Set
    GS - Guide to the Scriptures
    GS - Ground Segment
    GS - Game Spy (game)
    GS - General Statute
    GS - General Systems
    GS - Geochemical Society
    GS - Geopathic Stress (alleged illness caused by electromagnetivity)
    GS - Gaelic Storm (Celtic band)
    GS - Genso Suikoden (Konami game)
    GS - Ground Start (telecommunications)
    GS - Golden Slumbers (Beatles song)
    GS - General Stock
    GS - Grade Scale (US federal government wage level)
    GS - GameSurge
    GS - Grace Slick (singer)
    GS - Graded Series
    GS - Graceful Shutdown
    GS - GeoStrategic
    GS - Gilbert's Syndrome (liver disorder)
    GS - Guilty Spark
    GS - Gauss-Seidel (algorithm)
    GS - Geek Speak
    GS - Geomagnetic Field
    GS - German Silver (rabbit breed)
    GS - Giant Spider (gaming, Tibia Massive Multiplayer Online RPG)
    GS - Snow Pellets (METAR precipitation)
    GS - Güzel Sanatlar
    GS - Guidance Section
    GS - Goldshire (gaming)
    GS - Geometer's Sketchpad (education)
    GS - Griscelli Syndrome
    GS - Government Stock(s)
    GS - Guy Smiley (Sesame Street character)
    GS - General Surveillance
    GS - Gelände-Strasse (German: Off-Road / On-Road; motorcycles)
    GS - Grip Safety (firearms)
    GS - Groton School (Massachusetts)
    GS - Grub Screw
    GS - Group Station (Oil and Gas)
    GS - Guest Scientist (program)
    GS - Gelijkstroom (Dutch: Direct Current)
    GS - Grand Soul (gaming)
    GS - General Station
    GS - Graphics Synthesiser (Sony PlayStation2)
    GS - Global Shield
    GS - Glide Scope
    GS - Generic Switch
    GS - Grissom Sara (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV show)
    GS - Galilee Society (Israel)
    GS - Galatasaray Sports Club (Turkey soccer club)
    GS - General Satellite Corporation
    GS - Gravity Switch
    GS - Geekshelter (website)
    GS - Guided Scrambling
    GS - Guidance Subsystem
    GS - Generator Shelter
    GS - Growth Sire
    GS - Guteral Steel
    GS - (USN Rating) Gas Turbine System Technician
    GS - South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (ISO country code, top level domain)

    What you guys, girls think ? or do you own a .GS domain ? post it here.
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