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Thread: Help to get a domain name in cheapest price

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    Help to get a domain name in cheapest price

    Hello all
    I have seen lots of experts in the forum. I am newbie and want to have a domain name to launch a little test business and want to learn about it practically. Therefore, I am looking for getting a domain in very cheap rate. Please suggest me with the best discount coupon.

    Please give me the coupon that is valid in AUG or SEP 2011 and please mention - is the cost yearly or monthly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There are threads here for godaddy coupons and for namecheap coupons.
    Try reading those.
    So much easier to use your eyes and your fingers to search to find information on forums that will answer your question before you ask.

  3. The threads in this page wil give you coupons just like iowadawg said. if you can't then you can just google godaddy coupon codes

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    I like to use namecheap because of the domain privacy that comes with it. I did a whois for one on my friends and I found all of their information online. Comes in handy if you don't want everyone to have your home address.

  5. Godaddy does, from time to time, offer $1 domain names, but it's tough to find them and hear about them. You might also try namecheap, which is pretty inexpensive, as well.
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