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Thread: Help me with article directory

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    Help me with article directory

    I'm going to start my own article directory Please give me ideas about domain name.

    Anyone experienced before managing article directory in joomla ? I can see one directory in joomla Nice Articles

    What is best CMS for article directory joomla, drupal or wordpress ?

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    In my personal opinion wordpress is best suited for article directory. it gets better serps always than any other cms and also it has much more enhancements than any other cms regularly updated

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    I'd like to see article directory developed in wordpress

  4. To find a name, I would probably go on over to and find a good expired domain that has some history, backlinks, PR, etc. If you find a good name, then still go find an expired domain and redirect it to your new domain.
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  5. phpLD now works as an article directory.

    ArticleMS is another option.

    SEO Article Directory Software might also work, but I'm not 100% certain.

    ArticleDashboard will probably work, but their landing page turns me off so quickly I refuse to read it.
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    Article Dasshboard is known to be hackers heaven, so I suggest you look elsewhere.

    Wordpress looks like a very good option, though their back-end won't easily allow all the user articles approval features.
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    Hhhmm.. as long as you run and maintain this article directory properly then there should be no problem since you still need to approve all the submitted articles anyway


    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    Wordpress looks like a very good option, though their back-end won't easily allow all the user articles approval features.

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    Yes, but there are a lot of features that you just can't have on wordpress, unless of course there are some hidden plugins that I don't know about (which is probably the case).

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    hidden plugins? such as?

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