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Thread: Help! .net or .org domain ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyCooL View Post
    why something must be good for something ? can't it work out for both ? today, search engine is power till some of the user don't even remember the domain name ...

    org must be organization ? cctld must be for the country only ?
    From my point of view, yes .org domains are made for organizations in the first place, .de domains for german sites, .ru for russian sites, people make these associations.

    For example sounds spammy to me, or unprofessional, ,,

  2. .org is "supposed" to be for not-for-profit organizations.

    Personally, I would get both, and redirect .org to .net

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    I would use .net, simply because it will be more valuable if you flip the site. I have noticed no difference in rankings between .net and .org sites of mine.
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    it is depends on your activity

    For which purpose you are making your website , it is mostly important in deciding TLD (TOP LEVEL DOMAIN ).

    If you want to make commercial website .com domain is the best.
    If you want to make charity or non -profit making organisation website .org is the best.
    If you unable to get .com domain and making any commercial website .net is better.

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    After .com always prefer


    .net extension is mostly uses for business purposes and .org for organizations if you can not decide one extension among them then select both and set 301 for one extension and start using that domain, you will see the difference yourself.

    However ranking does not matter for key rich domain. If i will u i will select .net

  6. Honestly when i see a .org site i still think that its a non-profit org.
    I think .net is better for you

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