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Thread: How can i set up Cname Record in Namecheap?

  1. How can i set up Cname Record in Namecheap?

    I'm trying to set up Cname Record in Namecheap but i don't get how to do this. Hope someone here knew how to do this.

    They told me that i have to use their default nameservers, but where can i put the files in this particular domain?

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    Log on to your account, select 'Manage Domains' and select the domain you wish to alter. It needs to be using their nameservers ('Transfer DNS Back to Us' if required) and you will have a 'Host Management' section. Choose 'All Host Records' and you have the 'cname' option there. It's also on 'URL Forwarding' too if you use that. I don't know about putting files anywhere, I guess you'll have to host it on your servers to do that.
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    It is very simple. After you log into your Namecheap account, go to 'All Host Records' (this option is only available if you are using Namecheap DNS Servers). Then Sub domain settings, enter the subdomain, the Redirect Address and the dropdown menu under Record Type, change it to CNAME (Alias) and you are set.

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