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Thread: How do you feel when you buy a domain?

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    How do you feel when you buy a domain?

    Are you excited? Giddy? Apathetic?

    When I buy a domain I feel like I'm buying a new toy. Something to cure boredom. Like video games! It's fun to buy domains and I look forward to doing so whenever I can.

    When you purchase a domain, what goes through your head? Money opportunity? Fun? Boredom curing prospect?

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    Usually when I buy a domain name I am excited about the possibilities that it comes with. I'm also thinking about how the domain name will look when it is developed, and how it might progress over the next year.

  3. No I am not too much exicited because I know what I have to do with it but yes when I get good domain name then I start thinking that for how much I can sell it after developing .

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    I'm happy and excited, followed by an uhoh sensation of regret cause half the domains I buy go to waste
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    Yeah a little excitement is there always whenever I get a new domain. The possibilities to make some more popularity and income makes me excited..

    happy too, that I have added one more domain name to the list..
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    nothing special now, its my habit now

    but when i was buy my first domain then, i was very exited.
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    It was exciting at first when you purchase a domain name. Then after a few days, you are full of regret. One domain purchased is roughly a $10 loss, if you don't do anything significant to it for the next 364 days.

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    Considering I own near 800 atm and have flipped over 500 in the past I can't really have any special feelings, can I?

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    I'm thinking what the hell have I spended my money on? At least for a lot of domains like:

    Etc but there are some other ones too ofcourse I'm happy off, like BabesCast.Com etc
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    Definitely,i will be excited when ever i buy a domain as i always buy a domain with more expectations from it.

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