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Thread: How do you manage your domains?

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    Thanks for checking out the Domain Manager software Loko, today I did a lot of work to update the software to improve it according to your suggestions. I just need to test it a bit more before releasing the update.

    Edit: The update is now available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    Edit: The update is now available.

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    Thanks for checking it out Loko and for providing feedback.

    There are some issues to improve upon, but we are getting close to a good solution for Domain Management I think. Today, I redesigned the application Icon since, frankly, the original was bad imo lol. But the software is going to be good!

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    When I had several domains, I used to keep track of them with a sheet on Google Docs - that way I could access it in other computers too. Now I only manage 1 site, so I don't really need that anymore. I just wrote down the expiration date in a piece of paper, just in case

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