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  • 1-10 domain names

    30 39.47%
  • 11-100 domain names

    29 38.16%
  • 101-200 domain names

    6 7.89%
  • More than 200 domain names

    11 14.47%
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Thread: How many domain names do you own?

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    I have now 60+ My goal is to have 200. Most of the domains still need to be worked on. I do a little every day.

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    I got around 100-120 domains currently however I only find myself using half of them..

    I need to down size as the are just sitting on the back burner.
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    Around 50 and using all of them (no one is idle)


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    I personally only own one domain for my blog.

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    I have 14 domain names. Three are for my offline business, two are for well developed sites, another four are for sites in the process of being developed, and the rest are supporting blogs.

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    Now i have 6 domains..Tomorrow i may buy another one..

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    i have around 10 domains and more in future

    Good luck

  8. Right now I own zero, minus a Blogger subdomain. Hopefully soon, once I have a feel for the Blogger interface and can work on the blog mercilessly, as well as have a few followers, I can buy a domain name for it. But other than that, I'm waiting until I join the necessary networks and can start campaigns before I purchase any domains.
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    ~400 names.

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    I own 3 and have only one in use currently.

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