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Thread: How many domain names do you own?

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    I have 6..Most are ones,

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    I have about ummm, 9 I think? I'm not sure as I have not counted, & I use about 3 different domain name registrars. I use only 2 domains (for my sites), I sell the others, then buy some more & sell them again.

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    I've a good couple; the older ones are more business orientated - business sites, email, database like and but the newer ones are more content based like the ones in my signature. Some of them are still waiting to be developed.

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    I own around 30 something odd domains, I sort of lost count but use a lot of them
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    +35 domain

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    Currently, I have about 25 domains, across, 4 domain registrars

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    I own one but I soon hope someday I will own as many as you all haha.

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    Currently, I own about 10 different domains. I'd like to hit up to 100 domains eventually. Half of my domains are re-directed to my other sites though. No reason to lie

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    Currently I have probably 4 domains and unfortunately none of those are in use, 2 are expiring and probably I wont renew them.. Lost my inspiration, hope to be back trying to earn money after summer

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    Right now I own in the region of 50 TLD domains, most of which are just parked because I don't use them, but some are doing alright, my personal ones,, and the email portals, they do okay.

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