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    6 7.89%
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Thread: How many domain names do you own?

  1. Last time I checked it was over 200 domains.
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    Between 30 and 40
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    I own about 50.

    My favorite is

    Just it has no content yet. (working on finding a developer)

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    Too many, getting "renewal emails" constantly on a daily basis from the all the proxy sites I made last year.
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    I've got a grand total of close to twenty. I make sure that if I am going to shell out the money for a domain name, I'm going to make sure that I can create content that will drive traffic to it. I've had upwards of 200 before, most of them parked and not making much money as they were longtail. However, as some of you have stated, portfolio trimming is a good way of cutting through the fat to get to the real muscle of your internet marketing power.

    And screw hosting and server space. Domain names are the only thing I have ever purchased to do with internet marketing in my three years of doing so, and I am making the high single thousands every month at the moment. You don't have to spend money to make money.


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    I have around 100 of them, but it's not important how much domains you own, what counts is if they are turning into a valuble sites..

    let me give you an advice ... don't over do it with domain buying.. you will have a hard time to keep track of your work and you wont be able to do 1 good site but 100 really bad ones with no traffic.. stay focused on one single domain till you turn it into something valuble, then go and buy another one for a new peoject

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    I used to own 1000+ domains, sold 800 of them and holds 200+ now.

    All making $$$. Slow and steady....patience and creativity.

    My best fun site is this

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    I have about 6 maybe but that is enough as I can not build up more than 2 sites at a time.

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