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Thread: How many domains do you own?

  1. How many domains do you own?

    I own about 60 or so domains - several I bought a while back and they've just been sitting collecting dust. Others I have created sites out of, some I have "parked" and others I simply use to redirect other links. I have vowed to stop buying domains until I do something with all the ones I have...that is unless I see a MILLION DOLLAR DOMAIN that I can buy for like $10 bucks lol...

    So how many domains do you own and what do you do with them?

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    I had over 60. It is now down to about 40.

    There just aren't as many opportunities on the web today as there were a few years ago, so renewal is a waste of money for too many domains.
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    I have a problem of registering domains for new ideas, even when I don't have time to build the site, so I need to restrain myself in that respect. So now I am letting several domains expire.

    Anyway, I have never owned more than 10's of domains.

    When you have the money, domain registration seems cheap, so it is tempting to register them. Even now, I have several new domain name ideas written down LOL.

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    I have over 60 domains. I have some dogs and some parked. I'll probably kill off few off to save some beer money I'm also thinking that with all the updates over the last year, there's got to be some good dropped domains.

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    Same problem as Andy.
    I see good domains and I want to register them to build out a blog.
    So finally, again, for like the thirteenth millionth time, I am not registering new domains.
    Except for my three (3) blogs, I have no other blogs or sites.
    But about 9 domains sitting that will not be renewed.

    And I refuse to sell them, because now, everyone wants the domains for free or a buck or some lowball amount.
    Not worth my time to sell and transfer, etc. for anything less than 2x reg fee at least amount.

    Thus, I am sitting on 2 (two) domains, each three letters.

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    I have around 50 which are currently hosted on 2 shared bluehost accounts. Is 25 sites per 1 shared account too much?

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    I don't have any domain, but I have many free blogs in blogger, wordpress....

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    I got 10 domains right now. 3 of them are running rest domains are parked.

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