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Thread: How many domains do you own?

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    How many domains do you own?

    The new question where I'm pretty intrested in

    How many domains do you own.. and eventually, where?

    I'll start
    Godaddy.Com - 75 Domains
    Dynadot.Com - 16 Domains
    NameCheap.Com - 9 Domains

    And I never saw it before but.. I have just 100 domains

    It's a great start I think.. too bad I have some lost ones too... I just forgot them because they are on Enom, or name or ... LoL...

    But doesn't matter, only the ones I know count

    Now, what about you guys, tell me!


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    63, all at godaddy...
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    Right now I have only 10 domains.

    That is because nowadays I work mostly as a vendor in affiliate networks.

    I simply don't need so many domains anymore.

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    Im not even sure how many domains I have somewhere around 25 I reckon, most at GoDaddy
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    around 25 to

    maybe you can add a poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellas View Post
    around 25 to

    maybe you can add a poll
    I would like too.. but I think it's not possible as I don't see the 'Add a poll to this post' text in this category...
    Or maybe I'm just stupid


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    Around 700 names as I've been trimming my collection lately.

  8. around 1500, I've been reducing it lately

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    I have around 50 domains. All at either Namecheap or EnomCentral.

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    I had nearly 300 domains, sold everything. Now only have like 10.

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