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Thread: How many registrars you use.

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    How many registrars you use.

    just wanna to know how many registrar you use.

    plz also share registrar name and review about his service that why you using them.

    ============= Starting from me...... ==========

    use Godaddy becaz when i was newbie i heard about that and register my first account with godaddy.
    i think i dont have need to say anymore about them. everybody know about godaddy.
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    I'm using 3 that I know, I might have forgotten one

    Dynadot.Com -- Great, easy-to-use interface but not as cheap as other registrars. But it doesn't have any hidden things like other registrars.

    Godaddy.Com -- The worst design, but the best prices

    NameCheap.Com -- I'm using this one for transfered domains and domains I got pushed when I bought websites. It's a pretty good one too
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    I use 4.

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    i use 3.. bit was my first registrar.. found it cheaper than namecheap..dunno the price difference now..used it few months back only for .info's..nothing else...too much trouble in getting a domain regged. throw too much "Offers"

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    Thanks to you all for review.

    plz also vote in poll.
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    I was using godaddy at for my first domain but not now as i selled the domain.
    Present,i am using
    They offer less prices than other registrars so i am continuing with them!

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    I use GoDaddy and I also sell domains myself (sometimes registering my own names that way, too).

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    Well, I am using two registrars !

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    Domainsite (rather legacy use)
    GoDaddy (one of the worst; I only use it for pushes when acquiring domains from someone who doesn't know better)
    And one other I cannot presently think of at the moment which I only use due to an auction win which used the registrar.

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