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Thread: How much is Valued or Worth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bozonessinc View Post
    Where is it regged? That can change the value too! At least in my mind
    Not really, the place where it's regged doesn't add any value to the name, yet, in some cases, it can remove value.

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    I'd say $25 cause it could be used to form an MMORPG that would sorta be similar to "Lost" or Gilligan's Island or Survivor type game.

    You go on a cruise around the south pacific when suddenly the alarms go off and it's abondan ship! You get on a raft and float helplessly and crash land on a deserted island. What do you do next?

    - Scream for help
    - Make a fire
    - go on a rampage
    - go exploring

    etc you get the idea
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    The value that I would give to that domain would is 20$. Now that is only for how good the domain name sounds to my ears and my eyes...not taking in mind the traffic, links, and the content. If you add that it will be a lot more

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