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Thread: How much do you think and is worth?

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    Smile How much do you think and is worth?

    There's a bunch of domains I am trying to sell. And I believe they are super good (IMHO).
    - #1 on google for "money potential" - #1 on google for "meet people instantly" or "instant meet" - first page on google for "love genius"

    Anyways... PM me privately if you are interested in buying them. Or post what you think those are worth.

    I tried but didnt really get a lot of response.

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    Its not a really good idea to put your domains in public. Maybe add it as a picture or something, and remove it from your title.

  3. These are good domains, but they are very niche. That usually means a long wait until you find just the right buyer.
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    They are worth a lot, but don't sell them just on public forums.. you can try that, but try to find concurrents -> whois them -> try selling it via them


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    I don't see any special value there.
    The fact that they rank #1 means nothing as none gets any relevant search volume. surely ranks #1 for asdkfdgaskdhak

    I think reg fee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post surely ranks #1 for asdkfdgaskdhak had to laugh. it cracked me up..

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post had to laugh. it cracked me up..

    but what he said is exactly right. What does matters is the search volume. If no one searches for the terms where u rank #1 then the #1 is useless.

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