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Thread: How Much is this domain Worth? -

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    How Much is this domain Worth? -

    I just want to know how much my domain might
    be worth as i dont really have any use for it

    it hasn't ever had anything on it and has about 1yr
    left on it.

    Just tell me how much you think its worth.

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    undeveloped? reg fee

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    It would be worth a lot if it was a .com or if there was a high traffic web site that went with it. There isn't much interest in .info domains. They do not seem to take off very well.

    You might get $10 for it if you listed it on eBay.
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    I think a domain name would be valuable after you pour SEO efforts in and rank high for some competitive keywords on some certain niches.
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    Damn :P and i thought i made a multi-million $$$ investment

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    I'd say it's worth reg fee, being that RF for .info's is @ $2 more or less.

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