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Thread: How much Should i Offer?

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    Question How much Should i Offer?

    There is a certain domain i'm planning to buy at an auction.
    Its an exact keyword match '.com' domain.
    The keyword which it EXACTLY matches has the following monthly global search volume :
    Google - 159,000
    Yahoo - 82,000
    Bing - 41,750

    How much should i pay. The current highest bidder is at $24
    Sorry i can't mention the name, but maximum how much would you bid if you were me.
    I have done some SEO analysis on that keyword and competition seems to be natural(competitors haven't done any SEO for that keyword) and not optimized, i.e. it shouldn't be too difficult to reach the top.

  2. If you find it useful than bin it right now lol . Bin must be near like $50 . I think that it fine but domain cost depend on niche too . If you have any general niche keyword than $ 50 will be enough for it .

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    if you think that you can earn much more then your investment then go for it.
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    depends on the niche, but those global searches look sweet, so I would suggest you to go to SpyFu and search those matching keywords to see how much you could possibly earn with adsense, I would pay about 50$ because I dont care about buying domains I rather register them and create a nice site unless the domains are really old and good for seo purposes.

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