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Thread: How to sell a domain?

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    Question How to sell a domain?


    If i want to sell a domain,how can i?

    I mean,which details i should transfer to the customer?

    I have two domains registered in one company then if i want to sell one domain only then how can i?

    thank you!

  2. u shld specifiy the registrar details . then the person who wants to buy -- u shld ask him to get a accnt on same regsitrar if he want to save some money --else if he wants on his registrar company -- he might have to shell some extra funds and wait for 1 week for trafer to complete . if on same registrar--- u need the login accnt number and a email associated with that accnt and u can push it with in few miutes

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    There is a nice topic about how to properly sell a domain name.

    But an answer to your question is:
    To push the domain, the buyer should give his username (and eventually email adress) so you can push the domain to his account. It would be easier if we knew what registrar you are using?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I am using two registrars,one is from godaddy and another is from
    I want to sell one domain name from as i have two domain names in that.

  5. well then you or the buyer has to sheel out extra trafer fees that is arnd 8-9$ extra for trafer from one registrar to other and the transfer process will take 7-8 days

  6. Or the buyer could register an account with internetbs?
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    Well, you can transfer your domain for free on as I am also using it.

    But don't know about goDaDDy.

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    GoDaddy allows free domain transfers. Just click the "Account Change" button.

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    I think if the registration details are all correct godaddy offers a free transfer facility..You can try the other case can't the buyer could register a new account?

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