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    According to Google Keyword tool there is an exact term searched in Spanish approx. 33000 times a month. The specific term has a ~ on it and is made up of two words. Let's called it niños 1234 for illustration purposes.

    So the keyword tool indicates that niños 1234 has bout 33k exact searches a month, whereas the version without the ~ roughly 100 searches only.

    Both .com domains are free, niñ and

    Which one shall I buy, or would you buy both of them. If you buy the two, which domain would be the live site and which one woud you redirect?

    I would be happy to hear your thoughts and strategies for this IDN domain question for a Spanish site.


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    If it's something you want to make a site about then I think you'll have to have it on the IDN domain 'exact term' with the ñ character, that way the search engines should index and find it and show it to searchers looking for that term. However, for those lazy people or the ones using international settings and keyboards, not localized ones, then it would make sense to have the non-IDN domains and redirect for the type in traffic. It won't matter if there's less searches because the site will be on the searched term domain anyway. Tbh I have no idea how to get the ñ character on my UK English keyboard btw, I copied 'n pasted from your post so I think you need to cover all your bases. Do Spanish/South American keyboards have a seperate key for that character?
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    I am using a Swiss Keyboard and I make the ñ by first hitting the ~ key followed by n. Despite my keyboard I am residing in Latin America, but it's the first time the IDN question has come up for me. So thanks again for your answer. Until recently I was thinking IDN domains are not of much use, but perhaps I am wrong.
    Should I register the domains and make a site I will post a follow-up. Perhaps it is also worth parking them given their property as exact match domains with 33k searches.

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