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Thread: Important Notice: Please Verify Contact Data for your Domain Name(s)

  1. Important Notice: Please Verify Contact Data for your Domain Name(s)

    I receive emails like this one on a regular basis.

    Has anyone seen something bad actually happen from ignoring these emails?

    Dear Domain Holder,

    This message is a reminder to help you keep the contact data associated with your domain registration up-to-date.

    As of October 31, 2003 we are required by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to send you this reminder by the Anniversary date of each registered Domain Name that is subject to the terms and conditions of that organization.

    Below is a list of domain names with your email address listed as the registrant or administrative contact. The current contact information associated with the domain may be verified by following the link provided.

    If any of the contact data is inaccurate, it must be corrected. If you need assistance in accessing your account to make these updates, please reply to this email. If the contact data is accurate, no further action is required to comply with this notice.

    Please remember that under the terms of your registration agreement, the provision of false Whois (contact) information can be grounds for cancellation of your domain name registration.

    Domain Names with Anniversary Dates between April 1 and April 30

    Name: Registration Date:
    ------ ----------------- Apr 19, 2004
    View Contact Data: Whois Verification

    Thank you for your attention.


    WDRP Compliance
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    I get them all the time. Half the time I know my details are correct so I just trash it, nothing's ever come about it. But if I have the time, or I'm bored, I click the link, look at my details and then close out.

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    Received these a couple of times. Details were correct so I trashed the mail too.

  4. I too keep getting such emails from time to time. But then I know that my details are correct so i dont care to even cross check it lol.

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    I received this email once on my account but never got it again

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    If your details are correct, you can ignore this email. But if they are not correct, I'd update the details.

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    I have never received such emails or maybe they go straight into spam (I rarely check spam)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khan View Post
    I have never received such emails or maybe they go straight into spam (I rarely check spam)
    I check my spam folder every day. It is nice to laugh at those messages.

    Title says: "Urgent...Check ASAP!!!!!"

    Message: Discover how I made $500/day 100% on auto pilot!!"

    Then a crappy link to .info website. And the website is horribly made, full of spelling errors (kinda like my posts ), and product priced $2.

    Maybe I should send them message with a link to Internet Marketing Basics" website. The website would say only this: "Do not spam others!"

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    If your details aren't correct you can just loose your domain, so I'd keep them accurate.

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    My details are correct so as soon i get one of these i just delete it.. get them from namecheap, godaddy etc..

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