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Thread: Including keyword on your domain name or make own brand?

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    Including keyword on your domain name or make own brand?

    Including keyword on domain name or make own brand is an option of choosing domain name. Which is do you think the best?

    Some people said, to including keyword on domain name is make your site SEO friendly. But for me, both of include it or making own brand will give the same result, because it's all depend on the quality of the content. Do you think so?

    Just like, google, youtube, facebook, all is brand name with no keyword in it. And their are so success.

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    I personally think it depends a lot on the website you intend to build on the domain. For instance, if it's purely informational, keywords are always good, but if it's more community based, I think a brandable/generic name is better.

    Also, about the SEO point, if you run a half decent website, the SEO will come naturally anyway. I personally wouldn't think too much about SEO when buying a domain, as there's always a solution...

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    And teenius is for example of your own brand name?

    I think you're right, simon. People said that domain which include keyword is SEO friendly. It's true, but it's can be a guarantee that the domain will beat other domain with own brand.

    We're know that PR is not guarantee our position on google serp, but we know site with good PR will be placed on top position (page 1-3 of serp). So, just with own brand, we can get top position also. Because PR is just about link.

    Just for example : keyword search engine --> google beat other site which using "search engine" word included in the domain

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    The thing about SEO and domains is, I think (please correct me if I'm wrong), that the domain will get ranked quicker and will go up the serps quicker if you have keywords in the domain, but if you're any good at link building, you'll have risen through the serps anyway if you have a generic name.

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    Yes, you're right simon, no doubt about it. But as we know that SEO is not just for domain also, it's about optimization of whole page (meta tag, alt tag, etc), that's why i think both of them is OK.

    But i wanna ask, if we're using longtail keyword (because to find short domain which include keyword is hard) such canadaseocompany . com , is "seo company" word in that domain optimized as different sentences, or that domain is treaten as one sentences so the keyword being optimized is "canada seo company" ?

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    Agreed. For me, I don't think about SEO when buying a domain... I look for something that's trustworthy, brandable, or relevant to the niche. SEO is very easy to achieve without regarding the domain, so I wouldn't worry about it too much to be honest... focus on just getting a good domain.

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