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Thread: .info TLD discussion

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    Do you like .info ? if you do or dont share your reason for that. I like them because there ares still good names you can find to buy.

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    I like it because:

    1) There are good names still left
    2) It is rising and becoming popular rapidly

    I don't like

    1) .info < Doesn&#39;t sound good as .com / .net
    2) .info < Long

    All things considered it is all right and good to buy for small businesses

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    i like it becaus its so cheap

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    I like .info because it is easy to remember. It's a good tld for an informational site. The downside is that it is among the most spammed tlds due to the low price for the domains.

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    I don't like it because is not very professional except for "info" - news, tutorial sites but i buy good .info domains.

    Is cheap and i feel is somehow the poor child of the SERPs. Search engines are not so confident with .info domains. IMO ; That's why i call it the poor child of the SERPs.
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    If I want to create a new website, I'll never buy a .info except for proxies. I think in serious business a .info isn't worth much, to get official you should have .com or .net instead..

    But for proxies and little sites it's cool enough
    |Nico Lawsons

  7. Perfectly fits GEO's. I wouldn't say they are cheap, try to buy premium .info's...

  8. I used to like .info, but somehow I think my involvement in the proxy business has soured me to them.

    I'm strictly a com/net/org guy now.
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  9. Yes, the problem with .info is that it is too cheap to register for the first year, which ensures that the spammers are using it happily, then dropping them the next year just to get another 100 domains for $100..

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