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Thread: Keyword Domain availability tool

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    Keyword Domain availability tool

    This is one of the coolest tools i've seen in a long time.

    Domain Espionage:

    It will display domain name availability right into google's keyword tools and makes a link directly to the registrar.
    It looks, however, that these links are being tracked (i may be mistaken).

    Thanks to Shane of 'Domain Shane' for pointing out this tool.

    Free Domaining Tool From Domain Espionage | Domain Shane

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    Thanks for the suggestion. But the site is not live yet(But why?)

  3. Yeah, it's not live yet. But apparently will be a free tool?
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    The site loads for me and i'm still using the tool.

    While on the subject of domain tools, I'm using Domain Name Analyzer Pro. Its greatest feature is the ability to pump out lists of keyword combinations in order to find unregistered domains. I used it to find some [geo][keyword].com names for example, in this case you only have to enter a cityname list and the program will check all of them against your keyword(s).

    Domain Name Analyzer Professional, An advanced Windows software for finding, managing and maintaining domain names

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