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Thread: Looking for the place to transfer and register new domain names

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    Looking for the place to transfer and register new domain names

    I need to transfer my domain name and also need to register some new domain names. One of my friends recommended to choose as they offer free domain name transfer and affordable domain name registration services.

    Do you think that it will be reasonable to deal with this company?

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    I'd stay away from smaller Registrars and Resellers.

    Please consider:

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    I have 6 domains with , 5 with dynadot and 2 with namecheap , all of them have great service , you can choose

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    I use, and

    I have not had any problems with these registrars, but did have problems with and in the past. The support was worse than poor with both of these registrars and the cost was higher than with any other registrars on the planet.
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    I'm having a few hundred domains at Godaddy and I'm satisfied, but their pannel is way too difficult. I like the clean interface Dynadot has, the price fits my needs too

    I'm sure that the best decision would be Dynadot or Namecheap. These are both one of the best registrars (price, service & interface which is important when you're having a lot of domains).

    I even think they also allow free domain transfers
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    Namecheap and Moniker are my favorites. Namecheap has decent prices and a user-friendly interface. Moniker is more expensive and more difficult to use, but they have high security and great customer service (not that Namecheap doesn't).

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