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Thread: Are .me worthwhile?

  1. Just like Will mentioned, there are some that are going to be some that have value. The generic keyword domains will have some value.
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    I saw was sold last week at SEDO for 22.500 USD, source

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Szise View Post
    I saw was sold last week at SEDO for 22.500 USD, source
    That is bloody nuts.
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    Is the term "Cloud Me" something special? Because to be honest, I never heard of it...
    Then again, it was only last year when I was exposed to the term "Spooning"

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    Quote Originally Posted by pctec View Post
    .info has more appeal to me to be honest...
    I agree, and I agree because they are a more generalized domain name. Though, .me certainly has great viral potential...more so then any .info could likely dream of.

    Names like,,, etc... certainly have a special sales appeal...and more so then the catchy does.

    However, if it's not a catchy ME name then it looses much of it's appeal and would likely be considered "just another domain" name. My mom thinks that if it's not a .com or a .net then it must be from a foreign that's something else to think about. Who will be going to your site? If you are selling dog treats, my mom might not even make it to your sales page in fear of international shipping charges, even if you run your dog biscuit site out of your basement right next door.
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