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Thread: Are .me worthwhile?

  1. Are .me worthwhile?

    So its been a while since that huge .me domain rush happened and people went crazy over them, but I've yet to see one worth while .me site show up in search results or even visit one for that matter.

    Are they just worthless domains, or a more expensive .info domain?

    Reason I ask, is the owner of (Dog Treats gets thousands upon thousands of searches every month) recently offered the domain to me for less then registration and figured what the hell might as well, but am I just wasting my time?
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    I don't think they're worth a lot, .me is just another crappy extension that Godaddy decided to heavily promote to the point their servers crashed during landrush.

    I only own a name (, which is quite a decent one, though I don't think I'll ever make any fortune from it.

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    For personal sites can be a good domain extension but i don't own any .me domains.

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    i thinks its not good for the professional websites

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    I do not think .me extension sounds really great for a professional website... unless of course you a celebrity looking to build a site in your own name to reach out to your fans with your information and interests.



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    The only .me I wanted was and I didn't get it so they're worthless. lol

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    Aquarezz has one; you could ask him about it. Aquarezz?!

  8. might be cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post might be cool.
    True, but all the good ones are gone.

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    .info has more appeal to me to be honest...

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