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Thread: The Most Expensive Top Ten Domain Names

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshide View Post
    I wish i could go back in time and register + +
    Well would have been worthless because they would have just called it something else

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sami4u View Post
    Didn't sell for a ton?
    The article's source of information missed a few. I have kept a file of record-high domain name sales since the 1990s. sold for $11 million in January 2006 sold for $7.5 million in 1999 just sold this year for $1.7 million in March 2009 sold for somewhere between $10 million and $20 million in a silent auction

    FYI. Internet lore says that the domaining business started in the 1990s when someone who owned sold it to IBM for $100,000. Before that, no one realized that there was hidden gold in domain name sales.

    I once worked on a project with a company that owned It has since been sold. I wonder how much that one went for. A lot of domains sell for high prices or are traded among domainers and we never hear about the prices.
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  3. was recently sold for $16 million, so this might top all the other sales. However it's unclear if this is purely a domain sale or included some more assets. Sells For $16 Million

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