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Thread: My country registrat best offer :)

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    My country registrat best offer :)

    Dear Partners,
    .CO Promotion - Extended due to popular demand!
    Get the name you’ve always wanted!
    Due to the overwhelming response we have received for the .CO Anniversary Promotion, we are extending this offer till the 31st of May! Enjoy .CO registrations at USD$15.99 till the end of May.
    With the most competitive pricing in the industry, WebNIC offers its Premier Partners the unprecedented opportunity to help their clients achieve the Online Presence and Awareness they’ve always wanted!
    It’s not too late to build a strong global presence through .CO, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!
    Don't miss this! An Unbeatable .CC promotion -As Low As USD 16.88!
    The unique and the creative interpretations of the “.CC” two-letter domain name have attracted global entrepreneurs and web aficionados alike - Just like .COM, .NET, and other gTLDs, .CC contains unlimited business opportunities! As an ideal domain name to develop niche markets, .CC contains different creative meanings:

    • Chinese Company

    • Country Club

    • Consulting Company

    • Chat Community

    • Church Community

    • Community Center

    • Chamber of Commerce

    • Community College

    From 1st May 2011 to 31st May 2011, all WebNIC Partners are entitled to .CC registrations at only USD18.88! Partners who are able to meet the below .CC registration volumes are also entitled to Additional Discounted Pricing!:

    Tier 1 : 5 – 25 of .CC Registration , each .CC at ONLY USD18.38

    Tier 2 : 26 – 49 of .CC Registration , each .CC at ONLY USD17.88

    Tier 3 : 50 – 99 of .CC Registration , each .CC at ONLY USD17.38

    Tier 4 : 100 and above of .CC Registration , each .CC at ONLY USD16.88

    Terms and Conditions

    • .CC new registrations made during the period of 1st May 2011, 00:00 hours (GMT +0800) until 31st May 2011, 23:59 hours (GMT +0800) are entitled.

    • .CC price will reduce to USD18.88 per domain/per year for all NEW 1 year registration only. Rebate applicable only for successful registrations of .CC during the promotion period according to the tier listed above.

    • Applicable only for 2nd Level ACSII .CC registration only.

    • Only the first year of new registration is eligible. Renewal, Transfer and Registration for 2 years and above are NOT eligible.

    • All partners who meet the registration as tier listed above will be initially billed at USD18.88 upon registration. Total rebates shall be credited into WebNIC partner central account before the 16th of the following month if partner hits the target.

    • Webnic reserves the right to terminate this promotion at anytime and reserves the right to charge the shortfall of there is any violation of the above rules.

    <img width="1" height="1"><img width="610" height="1"> Warm Regards,
    Best deal right ?
    i don't understand how this company can survey ? their offer prices always higher then other, plus plenty condition.
    1. First purchase must be USD 300
    2. Is Prepaid. Min deposit amount is USD 100. (no credit, no purchase or renew)
    3. Pay by Paypal extra 3%
    4. Pay by credit card 3%
    5. All transaction must be in USD. (even malaysia domain, we have to pay in Rm -> Convert to USD (account) -> convert to RM again. (basically we lose around 15-20% during conversion).
    6. Not instant.

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    They will boot themselves off the market.
    Seen it here to; €30 ($45) for a .com registration..........Only people who don't know alternatives will buy that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    They will boot themselves off the market.
    Seen it here to; €30 ($45) for a .com registration..........Only people who don't know alternatives will buy that.
    worst is, they don't accept walk in, they need you to buy bulk (which i done that few year ago) ......

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