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Thread: Account Hacked

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    The customer support system at name is good.

    I'm wondering how the account got hacked?

    I suggest don't log into public computers. I've seem cases where I have logged off of ebay and other sites. Checked again and found that I was still locked on.

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    i hope you got your account back.

    how many domains you have there, is site still running or you lost that too.
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    I could see this happening if the login doesn't have a brute force protection. They could just hammer it all day with passwords or as Bogart mentions, be careful logging onto sites from public computer terminals. Always destroy your cookies if possible directly from the browser.
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    i haven't used my account in any other places apart from My computer.

    I have 6domain names & still account is blocked awaiting for email from
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    Any positive reply from the support team at

  6. What is What do they do, exactly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley Grabowski View Post
    What is What do they do, exactly? is a domain name registrar accredited by ICANN.

    Domain name registrars allow users to reserve domain names (at a fee) for a fixed period of time.

  8. #18 is pretty much my primary registrar. They have an option of using secure IDs. I have a lot of domains when them, and never ran into any issues.

    Has any of your other accounts every been compromised? If it's happened twice maybe you have a breach of your local system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adda4u View Post
    Even i feel the same

    this is second time i am facing ...I feel there is some security problems with them

    Or may be you have your computer stuffed with keyloggers, Never really faced any problems with
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    This is urgent. As suggested earlier, call them NOW ... also install keylogger (FF addon) and use it for all your 'precious' accounts ....

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