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Thread: Account Hacked

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    My account was hacked i tried many things but hacker changed the email and i couldnt get it back. I forwarded the mail to Support its almost 4 days no response from them. Can any one suggest me please

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    I'd say call them and show evidence you own it, whatever you have.

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    Happened to a friend of mine. He got his back, in two or three months time. Went through all these departments ate

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    Updated News:

    I called them Just now and they blocked the account for further investigation and they said that they will forward a mail along with few questions. If every thing is fine i will get the account back in next 48hrs

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    Wow, consider yourself lucky if you get it within 48 hours!

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    may be... Hope for the best.

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    Good luck man! (considering Name is the most shitty Registrar I've ever worked with...)

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    Even i feel the same

    this is second time i am facing ...I feel there is some security problems with them

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    They have a very good customer support system.Call them and they will restore your account to you..

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