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Thread: Namecheap

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    I personally think that name cheap is the best domain seller. I bought my .com from there for only 10$ with Free Whois Guard and SSL

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    They are pretty awesome. I tried them out and LOVED THEM. Moved ALL my domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap. <3!

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    I still use GoDaddy though Namecheap does sound decent as well... are their coupon codes for them?

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    I like namecheap because the domains there are cheaper than the ones at godaddy and several other websites. Namecheap only costs like 9-10$. While godaddy costs over 10$ and so do some other domain hosts.

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    I buy most of my domains there now..

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    I own 2 domains with namecheap. I find them very cheap for .net and .com domains.

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    I buy all my domains from namecheap, I find them the best because they have the free Whois guard. I don&#39;t think their .info domains are cheap comapred to other hosts but their .com, .net and;s are a fair price.

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    Another reason I love namecheap is verified paypal is not needed

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    Haven&#39;t bought a domain in Namecheap. Been getting domains at GoDaddy.

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    Namecheap sounds awesome, I think I&#39;ll be using them.

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