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Thread: Need help with Exact Match Domain.

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    Need help with Exact Match Domain.

    Ok so I am targetting few 4-5 word phrases. I have already started a flagship website and have written articles on it targeting those phrases...but the URL of those pages are like:
    Now I looked for the EMD but its unavailable in com/net/org/info...but available in .us..I am targeting US ppl btw..

    shall I buy that?? can a non-us resident buy a .us domain??

    or shall I buy a domain name with an extra word to the phrase?? extra word will be something like the/learn/tips/my..


    One more addition:
    I found out that one my competition for that KW phrase ranks #1 on google..te interesting thing is he has omitted the word 'a' from the KW phrase.. say the phrase is 'i want a dark chocolate' but his domain on #1 is domain has just 5 pages and 17 links from propeller,digg, wedelia and other bookmarking site...nothing else.. shall I get the net/org version and work harder for that??

    Regards again..
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