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Thread: Need Urgent help to choose some domains.....

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    Need Urgent help to choose some domains.....


    I am sick of trying to find keyword rich domains. so looking for alternative.
    I am already try one technique to choose good domains called " Singular and Plural domains "

    Now I need suggestion in another technique....

    suppose i want to target keyword Net builders and domain all is booked and i dont want to go with any other tld.
    and is still available {just for exa. not checked :P } then what you suggest.
    Is this will help me to target my keyword{only domain power comparing with}

    Please suggest me....
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    You should try with or but I prefer exact domains - I would take the or .biz because they work better in SE than options mentioned above.
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    what about

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    ^^ i am not asking about netbuilder domain suggestion, that is just for example.

    I am asking about exact search volume power to opposite domain names...
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    When you swap the keywords around, it is a different keyword domain but i think it is hard to tell whether it will help you rank for the original term. Google search attempts to output keyword results in the same order as entered in the search box. Still, the keywords are in the domain, so perhaps it will help a little bit.
    I have one exact match domain (1 page site and no SEO done yet), the search results barely differ when i enter its reverse keywords in the search box and the site ranks #7 in both cases.

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    I append another word to the end of the keywords such as:

    Think outside of the box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post

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    I tend to do something like NetBuildersFacts or NetBuildersInfo
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