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    New Registrar - Name Silo

    I found a new registrar and I just tested their services. They are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Domain Name Pricing-Domain Registration Prices-Cheap & Easy: NameSilo

    The tout themselves as the Cheapest Everyday Prices on the Web. Their regular pricing competes well with most GoDaddy coupon prices. A big plus is that their registrations include free privacy.

    I was impressed with their system. It is pretty well thought-out.

    For my test, I registered a domain and set up custom nameservers. The registration propagated quickly and the new site was ready to set up in about 15 minutes.

    You can pay for registrations using a credit card, PayPal or an amount accumulated in your account. They have an affiliate program that deposits affiliate commissions in your account so that you can use them for purchasing registrations.

    It looks like these guys are worth checking out.

    I sent a message to Name Silo and requested coupon codes for Net Builders. Here is what was in the reply.

    We are currently offering the following coupon codes:

      • Allows 1 .com registration for $5
      • Can only be used once per user

    • 10COUP
      • 10% off any registration or transfer order over $20
      • Can be used 4 times per user

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