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Thread: Next preference after .com

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    Next preference after .com


    What is your Next preference after .com?

    Mine would be .net.


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    For me , that would be .museum

  3. Firstly I would go in for a .com most of the time.
    If I cannot get one then maybe .net or .me.
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  4. Ofcourse its .net or .me would be the next preference.
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    i prefer to use .net after com
    Net is commonly used also

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    I try to stay away from other domain extensions other than .com, but if I have no choice, it'd be either .net or .org

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    Really? Well, I probably wouldn't buy the domain. For me, .com is the best by leaps and bounds, so to get anything else is a bit silly. That said, I do think if you can get an AMAZING domain at .net, you should. Any other extension just isn't worth it

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    My preference
    another .com

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    Preferably .net if .com isn't available.

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