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Thread: Obama's Organizing for Action forgets to Register their domain

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    The best take on that selling....

    Group Pimping Out Obamas - Big Hairy News

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    White House Press Secretary Jay Carney runs away from the podium when the Press question him about Obama's Pay-For-Access scheme.

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    It looks like Jay Carney is starting to show stress from the ongoing lies he is being forced to tell. He is getting less believable each time.

    They are now on the defensive with Organizing for Action. Organizing for Action is selling access to the president in quarterly meetings if you give a $500,000 donation. This smells a lot like when Clinton was selling a night in the Lincoln bedroom for a $100,000 donation. I suppose the increases access fee is due to inflation.

    FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: Under fire, White House denies donors get special access - NY Daily News

    Even some Liberal groups are complaining about this one. It is not illegal, but is clearly rotten to the core and exactly what we have come to expect from Obummer.

    I love this quote from the article.

    But Organizing for Action is not a campaign. In fact, it says it will woo Americans from both parties and has vowed not to support or endorse candidates.

    Still, the post-election effort to raise millions for a group whose sole mission is to promote Obama's agenda has raised serious concerns for advocates of stricter campaign finance laws.
    Sur-r-r-r-r-re. I believe this is a bipartisan group.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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