There are lots of opportunities out there in the domain investment and development business, you just gotta know where to look. Most importantly you have to look hard enough! So lets take these three domains as an example:, and

The first domain I acquired just last month for a few hundred bucks. The domain was listed for sale at a popular domain forum. It wasn’t the first time that it was offered for sale… Actually it’s been offered there since 2009! Took almost a year to sell.

Most domainers wouldn’t make much of it and pass because what are you going to do with it really, only sell dress pants if it is even developed? Those things are usually pretty cheap… Doesn’t sound like it has too much going for it! Forget about it??

Yes, well… That is what we did actually. The domain was developed as an affiliate based store selling dress pants for men, women, kids, etc. We have 1000s of items available on the site right now and will be adding more slowly but surely.

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