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  1. #1 Purchases WhyPark expands its domain monetization technology through WhyPark acquisition

    April 28, 2009 --, a leading domain parking company, announced today it has acquired WhyPark, a domain development company. The purchase creates synergies between the two companies by combining WhyPark’s strength in developing traffic with’s competitive advantage in monetizing traffic. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.’s acquisition of WhyPark offers several advantages for WhyPark customers including a new premium top-tier feed for offering the highest revenue effective immediately. WhyPark customers will also receive:

    • Keyword selection expertise to maximize revenue and click-through rate (CTR)
    • Experienced staff to optimize domain names for maximum revenue
    • Payment twice a month
    • Payment options for PayPal, direct deposit, check and international wire
    • 10% referral programs

    WhyPark (Domain Development - Breathe Life into Your Domains Names with WhyPark), an innovator in the domain development space, recently launched a rapid site development platform which allows its customers to create custom sites in minutes, earn revenue through flexible opportunities including cost-per-action (CPA) and cost-per-click (CPC), and attract search engines, advertisers and visitors. WhyPark's suite of premium services is also available for the highest level of content development and SEO for the more advanced domain name investor. In a recent Domain Name Wire survey, WhyPark was voted the best parking alternative.
    “Domainers are looking for new options and services to help increase their ROI,” said Donny Simonton, President of Parked Technology Services. “The WhyPark purchase offers new such opportunities. The combination of’s proprietary technology and WhyPark’s rapid site development will offer immediate unmatched added value to WhyPark clients. WhyPark’s domain development technology will also be integrated into’s services in the coming months providing new services for clients. This is a definite win for customers.” WhyPark Founder and President, Craig Rowe will remain with WhyPark and continue to be very integral in the future development of WhyPark.
    “The WhyPark acquisition is fantastic for current and future WhyPark customers,” stated Craig Rowe. “Backed by the financial strength as well as the technology and capability of, greater opportunities are now available for WhyPark customers. I am excited and confident with the future of WhyPark.”
    WhyPark clients will continue to utilize their existing administrative interface. No changes will be required by current WhyPark clients. For more information on the WhyPark acquisition and what WhyPark and customers can anticipate with the purchase, visit WhyPark FAQ - Acquisition

    About - Domain Parking Made Easy!
    Founded in 2006, offers domain parking solutions for domain name owners. leverages technology for dynamic domain name optimization providing leading edge parked pages that are relevant to what internet users are looking for and ensuring targeted traffic for advertisers. With clients worldwide who combined own 4,000,000 domain names, has aggressively become a leader in the domain parking space and was voted best parking company in the 2008 User Choice Awards.

    About WhyParkDomain Development - Breathe Life into Your Domains Names with WhyPark
    WhyPark quickly builds domains to become living websites. The company’s proprietary system provides new and relevant content daily to clients’ domain names, obtaining search engine visibility for domains instead of relying on type-in traffic or temporary links.

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    Interesting read. I have never really gotten into the domain parking niche.

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