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Thread: Pls help, new keyword domain, or existing (not relvant) domain?

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    Pls help, new keyword domain, or existing (not relvant) domain?

    OK, this is probably going to be a really question to answer, basically I need a yes or no answer from people who know about domains/keywords and making money from sites.

    I have an existing site about Ronda. And on this site I have a learn English page for local students. But I need to start producing podcast homework for them, and I'd like to make the podcasts available to other people to download along with my lesson plans. The other people who download them will most likely be other English students rather than students.

    Should I start a new site with a new keyword rich domain? In a perfect world I'd like to make money from the podcasts, perhaps using AdSense on the site.

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    I'd take the different site approach with keyword domain. It gives you more freedom and more opportunities to expand.

  3. I think it's a difficult (or impossible) question to answer in general. There don't appear to be any hard and fast rules on when to split one web property into multiple domains.

    Google does prefer larger sites, of course. But, it's also easier to promote sites that are easier to explain -- and that means staying in one definable niche. Most webmasters seem to feel "safer" in linking to sites in very small and well-defined niches.

    I generally use "customer base" as the metric for making these decisions. If the pages have different target customers, I generally move then to separate domains. I will often hedge my bets by making a few pages on the "main" site which chase the keywords from the "smaller" site. Multiple rankings for the same keywords are very nice.
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